The Napkin Gospel

by T.Y.T.



It started off as a simple donation to help Klopfenpop... I donated some money to his indigogo site, and he offered to mix ten tracks for me.

I had no plan on doing an album... But he brought it out of me... In the pursuit of finishing this cd... I have met some of the greatest people in the world... (Some assholes too) ...

This journey has led me through tests of skill, faith, addictions, hurt feelings and shit talking... But I bring it to you in the simplest way possible.... Behold, The Napkin Gospel.

Click each track, I have included the stories of EACH track's creation... if you are into that sort of thing...


released May 5, 2015

Most mixes by Klop, other mixes by Roborob, Rukyss Duhki, and myself.

Production by Sean Divine, Roborob, konceptbeats, Jason Hansen, Rukyss Duhki, Sinima, j-rome, Antichrist Instrumentals, Anno Domini and Banditt.

Album art credit goes to Tiffiny Mahrer.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Intro
Since I was a youngman - i've had - this plan
To stand - in Japan as some type of ninja - picture - living by a Christian scripture - differ thinking bigger - baptised in savannah river
Living a habitual individual not a spiritual giver... Not a winner just a sinner getting thinner by the day...
No hope I cope to just say nope my rope has broken no joke is spoken ... Antidote - i'm antipope and antivote what authority has to say...
Which way this day that day outta my way until my last day approaches fastly - past me - catch me - match me - The napkin gospel... Ooh dats nasty
If i could, make one wish understood
I'd be living good with no stress under my hood
Too many times has a friend turned foe
So you can't hesitate to just let them go...
Sometimes life sucks and is just plain brutal
Its a lot better when folks seek your approval
Punch oodles of noodles and have a snack
Or you could punch a poodle and have a hell of a laugh...
For shits n giggles or maybe giggles in shit
Either way stay laughing cuz the haters stay pissed...
With in which in haters you have two types
Ones who wanna change they life or the ones who gripe
And stay stagnant, dammit, and complain with the quickness
Excuse me sir, but you enabling aintshitness
My viciousness aint listenin when snitches act like victims
Intuition be the same
My decisions dont change

If you infected with aintshitness get yo ass away from me
That pathogens contagious and contaminates the streets
If you can pass the word along to friends and family
Aintshitness isn't fiction its reality

My daddy told me not to trust a bitch with too much make up
Because You won't know who is with you when you wake up
Took me a while to comprehend what he was meaning
Read a book on the subject out in public couldnt read it
Humans in general work in disguise
To distinguish a positive image in another's eyes...
Real folk come clean as the role is not needed- retweeted
Fake folk won't admit because they need it...
When atrophy is blasphemey then you're allowed to talk to me
Your faculty ain't half of me and they become the casulties...
Whose fault is it to compliment the evidence?
When friends cheat on they wife and leave your number as a reference?
Severence isn't paid and mistakes isn't made...
But your wife calls every night cuz you been missin for 10 days...
Say sorry I forgave, whipped his ass in his domain....
Harsh fact, all country boys aren't built the same.

I got bars on bars like I locked up gold/
Old rapper, 32 years old, still ain't doing shows/
Aint no mo fun- Stopped goin to clubs /
My music is the shit you bump when you are leaving the club/
Realize that you going back to work on monday/
My music is what you play when them bills need paid.../
Make a pimp decision and say fuck them lights /
Real folk i know had to do that at least twice/
Nothin nice and ignorance aint glorified/
Sometimes you can't help it when aintshitness start to rise/
Keep it in your mind, to be better next time/
Don't stay shitty and you should do just fine.
Track Name: Something Divine
Know that- i am a nomad/ my habits so bad
I hate topaz, it make me so mad/ i need no romance
I am so ignant, think so slow indignant
I'm different
From the start to the finish, i vent incoherance as exquisite/ characteristics/
My password is 8 asterisks/ im so hazardous to others - i hide a crazy mother - under my surface/
I burn like a furnace
Upon each purchase, i may seem nervous/
i do weird shit on purpose...
Why? Do I ask why? When I know the answer is why?
But i disdain ignorance to feign wise, saint ides...
Out the bottle, i feel like a walking novel/
With the gospel as my throttle,
contain my hostile... While making waffles....

Make peace among your demons...
Dont offer grievance - or break the sequence - that is a weakness- i have a treatment -
Appease them in the evening and you will see...
Even Buddha invited his demon inside to enjoy a spot of tea...
Probably, not at a level... To offer C Notes- but i will denote - the knowledge he wrote- or should i say that he spoke- and we remixed then we wrote.. But im below subzero , cant find my nemo ... 3 dose of chemo, out comes a hero... 10 multiplied by zero... Is always zero...
Bring a bet that busts a casino---
Disagree majority like presidential vetoes ... Orange dick laughing while eating cheetos...
Up that ass like speedos
Track Name: Even The Score - Featuring Ish1da
Take notes like death note as i wait for you to die/
When i advise these guys and my advice is denied/
I tried, to find, some kind of common ground/
But that kinda common ground is like a file not found /
I wish for a mix as I grit my teeth/
Thank God for the bad and the good things within my reach /
I teach- and lead by example - but all the people want is samples/
To waste your time and cause a hassle/
Touch a tassel with no graduation /
I first face - face first my own situations/
-And get upset because of expectations/
Not met but yet, the world moves on/
How long do we have left on this blue stone/
Who's home? And is home based only on location? /
Or is home beyond death and waiting/
My concentration means no one is left behind..../
Forgiveness is 77 x 7 times... Lets try.

Now let ya neck snap, like chopsticks out in this bitch/
Let tha beat, beat bang like bullets out of these clips/
Let them hatin haters hate, if they doubtin this shit/
We even tha score, even, even tha score/

Atychiphobia got me plagued by indecision/
Growin up in tha ghetto without nan pot to piss in/
I served them all tha vision, but they just don't wanna listen/
But I gotta tale to tell and enlightments my mission/
Lord bless tha men and women talkin bout use common sense/
But tha only cents that's common where I come from's for tha rent/
And in order to obtain it, go to any extents/
But I'm fastin from that fuck shit like I gave it up for lent/
But God can see it's hard to be an honoree/
When armed robbery's more guaranteed than winnin lotteries/
It's not in my autonomy to let 'em shinigami me/
But you a fuckin' anomaly if you affected by lobotomies/
Tired of tha monotony, feelin like my own Judas/
I just wanna scream, grab my team and say let's do this/
So fuck tha ruses, let my soul spill on tha pages of this book/
But why do I even fuckin try when all they really hears tha hook...
Track Name: Rage Meter Featuring STARF, DYNAMO DASH, RUKYSS DUHKI

Got a rage meter, a believer of belief
Taking my relief, like a thief with a shiek
Rubber with a hole yo Daimyo is its so?
Got the proof of the truth as I abuse trolls
Choke hold- application suffocation of a victim
Administrate a demonstration if you listen
Penetrate a perpetrator is my mission
Boy, you chicken
Pay attention
My magical wand is a tactical baton
And i feel that you the one that ill bestow a spell upon
I can t speak a weaker song
I can take a faker on - and break his face and break his arms
Its the day of the dawn
But you aint in front of a zombie
Could i still spill your brains on the street? Probably...
If you cannot put a finger on it.. Watch me
Tyt in here I am Gods property
Track Name: Dinosaur Song - Featuring Caden, Sarah, & Chris Hendrix
Have a little faith and create the bank
Slide like a snake and pay to make, do not do not make to pay a fucking thing/

Can it run me rugged if I love a buttered muffin- in my stomach - but I'm clutching at nothing -

Disturbing the public by burping the butter off my muffin but i bet a bitch wont say nothing

And if a phony baloney act like he know me but he dont actually know me....

I'll still shake the hands of a man cuz opportunity dont- stop- growing !

Too many bitches love ignorance, and thrive inside aintshitness...

Why do I reside, its all the time - it ain't my business!!!!

If i include you in my circle of friends, I expect respect injects in both ends ---
If not well then, we cant be friends ....
We aint kids no more I dont play pretend

Why you think that I live so far away... From the USA where my family stay
When my daddy touched his grave, a lot of shit in my brain had changed - and a lot gotta lotta thangs
they still cant say to my face...
I chose tokyo as my place
Lost both my kids because the color of my face...
Homeless in another country... But Briefly cuz the training of my daddy
Gladly dragged me past a bad rice paddy...
I can sleep when I'm dead and be dead when I aint got work...
Thank God that I'm Japan teaching and not back home shoveling dirt...

Eternally burning internal infernal turning kernels to popcorn
Observing commercials that circle like squirrel dont worry I hurry to stop more.

Dollars to pocket im clocking in rockets of currency
Im currently
Self employed, country boy, and destroy decoys that be feedin off me noise,

These dudes say me too when you switchin the lanes, preparing for change, repairing your bearings to maintain... You gotta start taxing these damn lames

Now you aintshit, aint lookin out for your people..... Where was my people when evil left me with zero
and all my pockets were see thru..

Teach u? Haha oh hell nah ....
My mind wont tell yall
I tried and fell off , to try and help yall
For yall to call me wrong

Now, i wouldnt give a fuck if you fell in pit and burned to death
Nor would i care if you got yourself together and became a success -

It was from the start to the finish -i witness The business of lemon , lime
You would charge me double the price of the price that you offer to buy mine...

Now you are quiet, too silent
When i walk in the room i'm ...
Lookin for you to prove I'm
All of them rumors you said behind...

My back... Well I'm back
What do you have to say for yourself?
Yo man, i supported you from day one it was me and nobody else .....

But yet you shit on me each chance that you get
.... And like jesus but a g - i forgive but dont forget....

I dont wanna step in the same pile of shit, twice...
So im kicking you to your limit so we can play, nice.
Its common for common sense to be a dim light
If you aint got nothing good to say then dont say it, right?

Now i am the man in japan for most of my friends that spend they time indoors, sleepin on mommas floors, drinking juice , sitting on mommas porch ..

Quick to point im doing wrong but still stuck to the titty
I cannot believe these guys are from my same city

Maybe I will never become a world famous rapper...
But at least I aint in neutral nurturing visions of grandeur ...

All of the money I put into music has been paid back.... WITH MUSIC ...
A lot of people will weasel on easles
But they CAN NOT DO IT

Have not did it and will never try---
But you still aint shit in these folks eyes
When these folks die do not cry
Because when you die, they wont think twice...

Dont trust those guys...
Strike precise
So now you rise....
Track Name: 8 Bit Boys - My Gang (ytcracker & T.Y.T. featuring Rukyss Duhki)
My gang, connect game worldWIDE
Even on a bad connection, we aint stressin NIIGH
even though in tokyo on shinjuku eastSIIIIIDE
clickin buttons quicker than my ISP proVIDE
We be carpet bombin so there aint no where to HIDE
TYT is here to hear a ten year old CRY
exit and re enter in our lobby like WHY?
Cuz my gang so spread out, we on every LINE!
your momma in the lobby & she shoutin in the MIIIIIC
"ima tell the fuckin cops, you were cursing , TWICE"
entity ask her
if she like to suck a YIKE
ytcracker act like online help "please stay on the LIIINE"
We get the phone number and I call it like HIIIIII!!!!!!
3 way the call to a japanese sex LINE
My gang aint like your gang cuz my gang be all RIIIIGHT
Sabotage aint shitness like spy vs spyyyy
Track Name: Gifted - Featuring C-LoK & Lavos
Gifted without limits
Things get wicked
Things turn frigid
"can you be more specific?"
In a minute all your digits
Could diminish n begin again /
Defense against a nut uppercut from a midget

Negativity is shooting, to take my routine/
Grown men obsessing over lucrativity; "juicy!"/
Scramble like ants to command the top/
Everybody offer ice at the time you hot/
Melt through folk, like Fukushima through a fish~/
Bloody Roar, I'm Busuzima giving lizard fists~/
I just wish - ladies n gents - wouldn't get so pissed/
If you guys pushed harder, you could charter what I get/
Vent - like die hard, i crawl through the ducts/
Fall for none, since I dropped a pair of nuts /
Accept clientele from small and up/
Hypocriticizers will advise against your trust/
They doubt you and get what they can up out you/
always your friend - if you are of equal or lesser value /
Then switch like a lever - when your level gets better/
Honesty is a treasure buried beyond measure....
Track Name: Figure Eight - Featuring Rukyss Duhki
Swallow pills - koala kills - make dolla bills behind my shield

1. Piranha skill - bomb and peel - i'm for real
2. I will steal before I starve - and kneel before God
3. You aint built this hard - to outwill guilt guards
4. Shit silk from spilt milk tilt kilted retards
5. Wilt milf peterbuilt pussy like a green lawn
6. Hes gone... Me wrong? Never, even when mistaken..
7. Its piggly wiggly weather the way im blowin all my bacon
8. Saving just a little - nibble raisins from the middle
9. Pummel patience while adjacent to a fragrance I remember
10. Defend the plaintiff from my anger they in danger walking to they car
11. From the bar- its so far - oh my god
12. False alarm... No one here but you call the police anyway
13. Just in case...even though you havent seen my face
14. Keep based sketch trace and brace for shock
15. TYT AND LAVOS got this mother fucker on lock
Track Name: GO MODE - Featuring iBeast
Go mode

When folks cannot slow your go mode/
Real feelings unfold and truths get told/
They will ask you for favors while they talk behind your back /
And suddenly you the asshole if you whip they lil ass... /
Excuse me, could you please repeat what you said?/
I was too busy in the city making some bread /
Hard head make a soft ass... But gimme soft head /in my 3000$ bed
Sweet how she gobble it/
Beat it up and sleep , wake up she makin coffee /
Pancakes, eggs and bacon i can hear the grease popping /
Out the bed Im hopping on my way of chasing wealth/
For a well stable health I know that money will not make itself. /
Top shelf liquor in my cabinet be collecting dust/ i have no time for wishful thinking drinking out a cup - /sinking in the mud. Winking at a slut /
I be inking a new cut while you blinking asking whut / these days everybody wanna pick your brain to obtain/ your way of doing things in the easiest possible way
Please dont change, i want you to stay the same
Life is better when you recognize your lane
Track Name: Unbelievable - Featuring Lavos

* I work for mine, aint nobody gave me shit
* Rough lil dude aint confused bout a grip
* Seven hour standing i demand nothing less
* Looking out for folks who work harder for less
* Expect more from ya, but will not look out
* Thats why i dont jump when you open ya mouth
* The greed when you feed those in need of a plan
* Turns to sand once you feel they teeth on your hand
* Mi dont need no new friends who pretend they the same
* Who only need help when they remember your name
* I got a buddy back home who shared a story on the phone
* What happens while you leave a friend and your girl home alone
* I swear anywhere you located aint change
* Fuckboys who destroy homeboys everyday
* Its insane to consider this dilemma in a post
* Its me tyt with a story about lavos

Its unbelievable- the extent of some
Who burn what is sacred to none
What the fuck?
Its unbelievable-
The path that you choose
Would you want someone to do that same shit to you?
Track Name: Only When You Need Something
* Whatcha posed to do when the world turns its back/
* Folk make jokes, poke and laugh, wheres the manual for that? /
* That book dont exist - stress tightens its grip/
* Will you quit n be a bitch or be a box nosed pit /
* careful who you bite, as one American in Asia:/
* Veterinarians on standby ready euthenasia /
* Hate ya - success / fakes say "youre blessed" /
* They only come to your race for the chance to see ya wreck/
* Thrive on that thought- feel alive on that thought /
* Shuck n jive in your eye, straight out lie to you boss/
* Show kindness to the lost - like youre blind to their faults
* so they can try to find a piece of mind in God
* 77 times 7 does heaven have a quota... ?
* If i do good to expect good, my holiness is over...
* Like a cobra i strike... Because a book does exist
* We aint had the same life, i dont expect youll understand it.

Only when you need something-
i got your attention
If you talkin you aint listenin , you too busy wishin
Only when you need something-
Do i see you askin how i'm doing,
How things going, but your true color showin...

* Stretched to the edge like a rubberband bout to break
* Rising out the lake i estimate, how my day
* Will portray - underlay - underlie - wonder why - others lie
* Unify -who supply- and cut ties
* Would you continue to help someone who is doing bad?
* Even if that person bit your hand, but still asked?
* Of course not ,but why not ,do you not offer assistance?
* only when you need something, i got your attention
* His existence just diminish like he had vanished
* Make ya feel like you just mistakenly bit a radish
* Read my lyric status, heed the apparatus
* And see to believe that you have theives on your planet
* Receive a transmission/ you cant listen if you talking
* Raising my suspicion - with your wishes and im walking
* All by myself, and others asking me about you
* So now my plans are without you- i doubt you.

Only when you need something-
i got your attention
If you talkin you aint listenin , you too busy wishin
Only when you need something-
Do i see you askin how i'm doing,
How things going, but your true color showin...

1. How, when and why - folk try to get in your circle
2. I creep like a turtle - southern as a crepe myrtle
3. Southern hospitality is a strength, not a weakness
4. Why do friends become leeched - like barnacles on my penis
5. High seas i see land over yonder on the way
6. Time to sit and ponder how i foster a new day
7. Dancing on the tips of fire, to not be a liar
8. Try hard to not be the same man i was five minutes prior
9. Attention, interest, desire... Situations transpire
10. When interest expires, what's left to feel inspired?
11. God is there whether you believe it or not
12. Sometimes we put him in a glass case believe it or not
13. To break just in case an emergency takes place
14. foresake keepsakes and shape God as a cheapskate
15. God is not a sweepstakes we all want rewarded for nothing
16. So when do you pray? Only when you need something....

Only when you need something-
i got your attention
If you talkin you aint listenin , you too busy wishin
Only when you need something-
Do i see you askin how i'm doing,
How things going, but your true color showin...
Track Name: Right On The Money - Featuring Dark Child & Sir9Dollaz
You can get it like i get it or you can wait in line
Im sick of mu fuckers hating on me all the time...
Being that, you are, successful til you die
But youd rather criticize, instead of taking time to try...
Test your life and get ur own response
Im a sprinkler on a lawn, i spread water, til u turn it off
Mozzletoff! And not even jewish...
You dont want me at that level where i say "screw this"
I aint worried bout your life, i aint worried bout your kids...
If im going down why would i only burn my bridge
I give ... Straight to the community
But it seems im the only mo fucker thats still doing me.
I gotta eat but that aint my only necessity
Now i got this faggot in front a me testing me
Quizzes are from teachers and the last time i checked
Im the only one in this room education pays a check

Right on the money
Chasing paper till i die
Life is so funny
And i cannot question why
Right on the money
Gotta get it in my palm
Life aint funny
When the money gone
Track Name: Super MAD - Featuring Tri B & T-Priest
You mad? Oh... You mad?
Put a cape on em... Put a cape on em
Now you're SUPER MAD
. Now you're SUPER MAD

I can see that ass salty - you see me talking... Your mouth function faulty...
And dream to see me falling
I wish a had a nickle - for every pickle headed middle man had riddled at my mental
Presidential in my presentation/ no hesitation/ i dont need standing ovations to understand my situation/
Wait until a confrontation, to share suppressed and built up anger/ can it get any stranger? I'm in danger of being truthful ... There is no loophole to being fruitful /
Everybody wanna be a master but theres no master without pupils /
Success has many enemies... Absolve false friends to me/ i halt appauling entities ,exhalt the aintshit therapy/
Remedy in mediocre- extremity of being sober - reality is taking over - formality is leaning over - TYT IM takin photos - hit my dude Hitsta to come over- rolling over hoes like boulders
Track Name: Losing The Great Old Wonder featuring EmuChicken
Started with iron filings
on a strip of thin plastic
Wares duplicate from a good old mate
The blaster tool of trade

(but) how many failures will it take
to get a carbon copy made?
When the raiders find the trail
I'll show them my own blade (argh!)

Next man-o-war was a battling rig
A few cases of circlets
Desire greed, easy to proceed.
(With) the name of Copy-X

(oh) How many raids will it take
to end the pressure, life at stake
Who is good or who is bad?
I'll stick it to the man.

One will die, yeah!
More will die, yeah!

Sailing the breeze with them Blobby CD's
The crew is infected,
All "scrub the deck or I'll wring your neck!"
The hold is bloody full

(but) how many failures will it take
to get a carbon copy made?
When the raiders find the trail
I'll show them my own blade (argh!)

One will die, yeah!
More will die, yeah!

How long will it take to lose the great old wonder
Masses sit and wait, because they don't understand
No weapons, so meek they won't prevent the plunder
Give up the power, freedom - false security!

Falling (falling falling falling)
Get out! Right now! Wake up from your own illusions!
Falling (falling falling falling)
Total control. Don't sell your soul.

Beer, Gin, whiskey
Rum and Grog
Siren's booty all night long

Beer, Gin, whiskey
Rum and Grog
Shipwreck, treasures, drinking song

Pickle me a pirate - i'm violent on booty
Governmental highness- im righteous on duty
Binded by copyright - hybrid pursuing
I have to wait a year for the shows i am viewing
Confusing for choosing my views cuz its not yet
Drool as Japan sells $100 box sets
Op sec, drop next shut off piratebay
I can have it my way on TORRENTDAY
WATCH ME BUY IT, after I try it
Piracy put the world on a greed diet
Defiant to tyrants who tax an inch of movement
Improvement not movin due to amusement of corporate abusement ...
Accusing is stupid recruitment of students who are fluent in prudent human pollutant infusion of Intrusion free the music
Track Name: Game Over - Featuring Rukyss Duhki
Kibbles n bits - life is a bitch -
Dribble a little and sizzle a snitch/
My missile essential to finish a wish
Whispering whistles cant hinder a fish /
wizards cast blizzards off cliffs
Lizards cut gizzards off chickens in bliss
Dinner a winner when victims compense
A sinner im thinner when sin is dispensed
Kick ass like Bruce Lee, at the speed of Chun Li... Ressurect a zombie... And stomp like Quan Chi
Never I let up im smelling a set up
My head up im headed unleaded my skin is shedded like snakes
Im breaded and baked
Left at the lake, shredded unshaved
Believing I'm saved
But living in flames
Ripping a page, screaming in rage
Listen attention is given not gave...
homophobic but I party with gays
Surrounded by doubt but im counting my pay
Dumbfounded by mountains of childish array
My sound is amounting to boundless display
Say wow and i bounce off your face
Relieved not deceived when belief is received i recede like my hair line
I feel fine, but you boy
s more pussy than a feline...
Lunch time! Introduce truth to induce a coma /
Aint taking orders, shut down the borders... Bitch, it's game over.

Game over-
Put down the controller your soldier has lost
Game over-
Gulping down folgers while colder the order has cost
Game over-
Actin friendly when you really against me you trash
Game over-
Fixin to blast- Dissin my past- while kissin my ass
Track Name: Rage Meter Remix Featuring STARF, DYNAMO DASH, RUKYSS DUHKI

Got a rage meter, a believer of belief
Taking my relief, like a thief with a shiek
Rubber with a hole yo Daimyo is its so?
Got the proof of the truth as I abuse trolls
Choke hold- application suffocation of a victim
Administrate a demonstration if you listen
Penetrate a perpetrator is my mission
Boy, you chicken
Pay attention
My magical wand is a tactical baton
And i feel that you the one that ill bestow a spell upon
I can t speak a weaker song
I can take a faker on - and break his face and break his arms
Its the day of the dawn
But you aint in front of a zombie
Could i still spill your brains on the street? Probably...
If you cannot put a finger on it.. Watch me
Tyt in here I am Gods property