F a Bunch of That

from by T.Y.T.



Another track of people turning on you. Yet, this portrays how much that you do for people and when you think that they will have your best interest in mind... they are not mindful to your history.

This also touches back to many many conversations I was trapped into having with me versus several friends at once... when the Confederate flag blew up a year ago... since I am from the country and have that flag... Many folks had questions... this was ok and great..

but every explanation led to "so that is why you are a racist?"

It was horrible... and a few days later... a new fad surfaced in the media for people to jump on... leaving the Confederate flag bashing as old news.

Fuck a bunch of that.


1. Ask me why im flashy is it trashy to live?
2. My cash is stacking but these women want ribs
3. Nothing left to give but I still offer half
4. Offer the shirt off my back, and dont ask for shit back
5. But the minute i am took for granted, my feet become planted where Im standing
6. Understand i will forgive a man..
7. But i wont forget... Unless respec is on my name
8. Even then to evening I still wont be the same
9. My homey Chais said to calm my rage and just speak plain...
10. I guess I'm blesssed with certain things that others have to show their ways
11. I'm crazed every day on my facebook page
12. I have to shut it off maintain take a break and refrain
13. Of telling folks to chill and joke but so much is push and poke
14. a stick in the spokes of the tires of life i hope...
15. That I can drink a beer and chill... But unless you suffer with your brothers then your brothers say that you aint real

How in the hell do you know how I feel?
You don't
If you were in my shoes and breaking rules
You won't
you wont budge on a grudge...passin judgment
On past
Ask my opinion...
Fuck a bunch of that

1. I am a victim of circumstance, can't glance
2. Watching people piss they pants passin on a chance to dance
3. I talked to ladon, and he felt the same way
4. To feel secure and safe folk will take only a piece of they wage
5. Insane, look your boss in his face and nod
6. They want you to stay the same... Isnt that odd?
7. Excel and reprimanded in the same sentence
8. There exists a limit that exists to squish your spirits
9. Grown men feelin offended we are living in the end times
10. Control since birth, modifyin enzymes
11. Wind chimes in my memory, indeed
12. Rare breed, Very few are similar to me
13. Unprovoked and go unnoticed -Cant lose my focus
14. Hard shell like a locust, leavin a hater hopeless
15. They take one look at my life, and dunno how to act
16. Already see em mouthin out "fuck a bunch a that"

How in the hell do you know how I feel?
You don't
If you were in my shoes and breaking rules
You won't
you wont budge on a grudge...passin judgment
On past
Ask my opinion...
Fuck a bunch of that

When someone being shitty and need help?
Fuck a bunch of that
When they only lookin out for self?
Fuck a bunch of that
When they talkin bad behind your back
Fuck a bunch of that
If they dont reciprocate your acts
Fuck a bunch of that

1. Truthfully usually I brutally be honest
2. Unmute the boot from being cute and seldom patriotic
3. I succeeded when I seceded, took only what I needed
4. Some say that I retreated, when the system began repeating
5. I could fail or I could fail, those were my two only objects
6. And be taxed to death in the process and labelled as obnoxious
7. Or subtract myself from that equation, embrace the Asian
8. as Caucasian... Many claim that you aint shit without your nation
9. Parachute us naked without cash or knowing language
10. Into a new country and I can guarantee my situation
11. Itll be Better equipped not stressing for the fun of it
12. Because most of you would dry up without your government
13. Some ask why do I hold the flag? Is it heritage or hate?
14. Its actually neither, by achievement and mistakes
15. I did it without my country, labelled country white trash
16. Got my shit together and said fuck a bunch a that.

Thrown from my iPhone


from Country Boy in Japan, released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved